2023 ALL-STATE Awards!

Congratulations to the individuals below for having the top overall averages for the 2023 Spring League!

Each student listed below will get a special All-State Team Patch!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


AthleteTeam NameSeason Average
LUKE SANDALANorwin High School24.4
JONAH IRVINPortage Area High School24.4
OWEN KINNEERConnellsville Area High School24.2
JORDAN RHOADESSaegertown High School24.1
TATE TASKERCorry Area High School24.1
JONATHAN BOWERPenn Cambria High School24.1
ANTHONY DAYCentral Cambria High School24.1
TRAVIS SKOVIRAGeibel Catholic Jr/Sr High School24.1
CALEB MCMILLENCorry Area High School24
CLINT HETRICKFort LeBoeuf High School23.9
GARRETT DEWEYMaplewood High School23.9
KASEY KENSILLGeneral McLane High School23.9
CODY ROBERTSCentral Cambria High School23.9
EVAN GARRITYCentral Cambria High School23.9
EVRETT KUBIAKFort LeBoeuf High School23.9
BLAKE MITCHELLCorry Area High School23.8
EVELYN KUBIAKFort LeBoeuf High School23.8
WYATT RIPKACentral Mountain High School23.7
CODY KRAMERBlue Mountain High School23.7
JESSI STEMPKAGeneral McLane High School23.7
JOEY BOWERSBentworth High School23.7
THOMAS HILLBentworth High School23.6
DILLON MAYERGeneral McLane High School23.6
SAWYER SHALLENBERGERFort LeBoeuf High School23.6
CRU KAZMIERCZAKGeibel Catholic Jr/Sr High School23.6
JOSEPH MUSICKGreater Latrobe Senior High School23.5
COLE NICKERSONCorry Area High School23.5
MATHEW HUFFMANFort LeBoeuf High School23.5
ABRAHEM HOUSEBentworth High School23.5
CALEB RANDFort LeBoeuf High School23.5
JACKSON BLOODFort LeBoeuf High School23.4
RYAN RIDENOURKiski Area High School23.4
BO CARBAUGHSouthern Fulton High School23.3
IAN ANDERSONCambridge Springs High School23.2
NOAH WEAKLANDCambria Heights High School23.2
EVAN MEANSConnellsville Area High School23.2
RYAN GREENConneaut Area Senior High School23.2
KENNETH BYERLYFort LeBoeuf High School23.2
ALIC JACKSONMaplewood High School23.2
CAITLIN RILEYFort LeBoeuf High School23.1
CAMERON HIXSONSouthern Fulton High School23.1
ALEC KUBATCambria Heights High School23.1
CARTER FRANCISCOFort LeBoeuf High School23.1
JACOB GOSHORNSouthern Fulton High School23
BLAKE HARTERFort LeBoeuf High School23
KODY ETZELGeneral McLane High School23
LARRY HANAS IIIFort LeBoeuf High School23
EVAN BURCHFIELDCochranton Junior Senior High School23
MARCUS COOPERGeibel Catholic Jr/Sr High School23
SPENCER BUKOWSKIPenn Cambria High School23
SERAFINO DESANTISCentral Valley High School23
JAMES SHERMANCambridge Springs High School23
JUSTIN CRAWFORDSaegertown High School23
TALAN WOODWARDWestern Beaver Jr/Sr High School23